French multi-brand boutique Gab & Jo is a one- stop shop for accessories and fun home décor objects. The colourful boutique showcases the best France has to offer with every item carefully selected by the owners. A perfect address if you are looking for original souvenirs.

In the window, the stuffed rooster and the authentic Solex fly the flag. This pretty little boutique favours the French taste and expertise.

Just a few steps from the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the rue Jacob, lies Alexis Leroy’s concept store dedicated to everything made in France. An exercise in style seasoned with panache. From actual Marseille soap and shaving sets to lingerie or clocks and watches, the selection is varied and the quality exclusively French.

Alexis, little bow tie around the neck, takes us on a tour of the place, like a child in a toy shop. Together with his wife, he has selected each item, each designer, lead by the desire to promote the French taste. The fact that this shop is a family affair is reflected by the name of the boutique itself: Gab and Jo, the first names of the couple’s two children.

The space resembles a delightful apartment decorated with thousands of endearing ornaments. Eiffel Towers decorate the shelves in an industrial style, the wooden floor gleams and the music whispers a few verses in French. Immediately after going through the door, the mind wavers between nostalgia and astonishment. Our childhood glue is right next to exceptional fox fur jackets, a book of Toto’s jokes opposite scented Week-end à Paris candles to lipstick. Le Slip Français, Laguiole knives or T-shirts marked with a massive “Claquos & Siflard” prove the origin of the products. And if you are wondering about the nature of an item, the little descriptive labels reveal the origin of each item and the values cherished by its creator.

So whether you are a Parisian or simply on your way through the capital, Gab & Jo should be inscribed on your tablets as the ideal place to take away a small piece of France.

Being the first authentic concept store actually made in France, Gab & Jo has brought together in one unique place the pearls of tradition and the hexagonal know-how: Briston watches, MILF sunglasses, candles by Marie-Jeanne de Grasse, the collection of Le Slip Français, Coco Rico T-shirts by Sophie DLR, lingerie by Germaine-des-Prés, Laguiole knives, Aëdle headphones, Monsieur Marcel T-shirts, authentic Marseille soap by Marius Fabre and many more treasures or typically tricolored rediscoveries…